Quintus and the Absent Truth Wreck Tangle Games 2020

When darkness takes over your life, only one mouse can light the way. Alan Shaw is struggling to find his Daughter, Lydia, to find her he needs help from his closest friend, Quintus, an intelligent little mouse. Delve deep into Alan's life as you discover a twisting story that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Armed with his best friend, Quintus can help you solve puzzles that only a little mouse can help with, and reach areas that only a small character can reach. Help Alan and Quintus as they push through the darkness to find Lydia and discover the Absent Truth. Chapter One - Forgotten (July) In this free short introduction we join Alan on Lydia's Birthday, but she is nowhere to be found. It is up to Alan and Quintus to find her. Chapter Two - Misled (Oct 14) we continue to follow Alan and Quintus's adventure as they look for Alan's Daughter, Lydia, at Andromeda Music Studios, Alan's old recording studio. Delph deeper into Alan's past as things start to become a little scarier for Alan and everyone's favourite pet mouse. Chapter Three - Lost (Jan 29/2021) After meeting a Dead End in Chapter Two, the only way forward for our two protagonists was via a tiny Mouse-Sized gap, Quintus accepted his fate as he went forth through the gap to continue this adventure alone. Play as Quintus in Chapter Three as he finds a mysterious book in the Secret Room, that has some immense powers and holds a very dark secret. Chapter Four - Astray (Mar 22/2021) as thanks for all your support so far on Quintus's journey, Chapter Four is free, if you already own Chapter Two and Three. Simply head to Steam, update the game, and as long as you have Chapters Two and Three installed, the final Chapter Four will pop up in the menu ready for you to continue this adventure.
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Chapter One - Free Game 942MB (uploaded by Itch.io)
Steam Free Chapter One (uploaded by Steam)

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