Dexter Stardust: Adventures In Outer Space Sea Monster Media 2020

Outer space - Years ago the system was plagued with war between the oppressive Coalition of Planets and the United Independents. Freedom was lost when the Coalition defeated the United Independents and took control over the entire system. But something from before the conflict still remains. Release from the iron-fisted Coalition may still be possible... but where could it be found? Who has the ability to overcome the indomitable? Play Dexter Stardust, dashboard hula-girl salesman and son of the famous Bayard Alexander Stardust, in this traditional point and click adventure as you discover the hidden wonders of the solar system and unravel the mysteries of the Hollow Moon. Season 1 is out of this world. Enjoy this short bonus episode before Season 1 launches in its entirety. In Episode 0, we meet Dexter and Aurora, the dynamic duo, making a routine delivery to the planet Venus. Impulsive Dexter takes a wrong turn and has to get the delivery back on track. But something lies ahead for Dexter... something that will change him forever. Features: Traditional Point and Click Adventure; Hand drawn, frame-by-frame animation; Full voice acted; Spacey-campiness; 4K Graphics.
2015 Level Demo 266MB (uploaded by
Episode 0 - Free Game 267MB (uploaded by

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