Education Tonguç Bodur 2020

Having done some terrible things in his youth at school, his memories call Bart Blake back to that place, in his nightmares. Education is a short and atmospheric horror game. In it, you unravel the mysteries that took place 15 years ago at the school that you want to escape from. There are six short chapters filled with gore and puzzles. Features: Six highly immersive levels that save the game progress at their beginnings; Some locked doors with mysteries behind them; A captivating storyline that reveals itself via reading the students' diaries and old newspapers; Atmospheric sound designed to carry you through the highs and lows of your journey; Thrilling music that accompanies the atmosphere; Gameplay that involves exploration through the corridors of the abandoned school; Some collectibles to be found and collected through careful exploration. PS: The core aspect of this game is the atmosphere. It is recommended for those who mostly seek to experience the mood.
Download: None currently available

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