Forestale, The Yorzh Aleksey 2019

Help the fast like wind rabbit Alex save the world of the forest tale in the world's first platformer on the GZDoom engine. Challenge the monsters and mechanisms in the the fairy tale world after a fallen star came crashing down. Learn new skills, find tons of secrets and test your nerves. You haven't ever seen Doom like that. The game is fully built on a modern version of the classic Doom engine (port GZDoom). See how your childhood's favorite game looks in a completely new format. Original game not needed to run. Diverse game mechanics: it isn't an easy platformer. Fight devious mechanisms. Unlock unique abilities turning everything on its head. Even time and the levels are against you. Faster, higher, stronger: Discover taught new abilities. Develop Alex's skills and increase his stats. The further you go, the more dangerous the enemies become. Old-school 3D style: Completely hand-made game world in the style of good old 3D platformers from the golden age of the genre. Inspiration - console masterpieces of 90s and 00s. Evil bosses: Aboriginal rabbit-eater? Easy. Supersonic mischievous carrot? No sweat. Giant snowman that crushes everything in its path? Here it is. We'll make you cry ;P Difficulty modes: Test your skills in the hard mode. Be hardcore. But careful: broken keyboards and gamepads are NOT refunded by the developer :D PAR Time: Like speedrunning? This magnificent old-school tradition is alive again. Can you beat the level faster than the developer? The quickest players get a reward. Built by one developer over four years. Every pebble and blade of grass was created manually, with love and soul put into it.
Download: None currently available

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