Belongings Rectangle Eyes 2020

You play as Jennifer Scott, who has lost her spouse Marion. She died in a car accident and Jennifer almost lost the will to live in her grief. It took a long time to recover from her loss, she lost her job and distanced herself from friends and family. Two and half years after her spouses death, Jennifer has finally gathered the will to face the past and to sort out Marion's belongings. Features: A dark story, but with hope; Interact with the environment - Seek out the associated memories and see how Jennifer feels; Minimalist style pixelated graphics; The apartment vacates over time. As the game progresses, more furniture is moved out and more memories fade; You can clean out her belongings in the order you prefer; Quick and responsive movement, and no slow turning animation. The NavMesh will never bother you playing.
Alpha Level Demo v0.35 38MB (uploaded by

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