All Grown Up Crazy Karts eZone 2013

This is a racing game in which the characters of this cartoon are celebrating a birthday. You can pick your favorite All Grown Up character, customize your kart and race. There are lots of different tracks, ramps, and other obstacles that make the game challenging and enjoyable. There are also various power-ups that you can catch in order to make your opponents lose their way or make yourself faster, etc. The game includes three modes to choose from: Time Trial, Race, and Grand Prix. In Time Trial you race against the clock with no other karts on the track. In Race mode, you select the track and race against computer opponents. Finally, in Grand Prix, you have to race all tracks in order and you must finish in the top three to qualify for the next round. The game features nice, but not very detailed graphics. However, all the characters look cute and exactly like in the cartoon.
Full Demo 2.5MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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