JumpStart Study Helpers: Spelling Bee Knowledge Adventure 2003

This is geared to 1st - 5th Grades and intended to assist in practicing spelling. It is a sister game to JumpStart Study Helpers Math Booster, and both were packaged together in a bundle called JumpStart Advanced Study Helpers in 2007. The game may be played in both English and Spanish. Unlike most JumpStart games, there are not three but six difficulty levels, and multiple options within each. Like some other JumpStart games, it contains three gameplay levels as well. The game also features the Editor, which allows users to create their own custom spelling lists. When inputting spelling lists, users must also specify pronunciation for and include 3 misspelled versions of each word. Unlike most JumpStart games, the activities are not presented in the context of a storyline, set of goals, or clear fictional setting, but there is an overarching underwater theme. Crab Attack: Crabs are stealing coins from a treasure chest. Each coin carried by a crab will have a letter on it, and a word will be shown at the bottom of the screen with one to three letters missing (depending on gameplay level). Shoot the crabs carrying the correct letters to encapsulate them in bubbles and cause them to release their coins. You can also shoot bubbles at various sea creatures roaming about to get bonus points. Fish Frenzy: Fish are jumping out of a lake and falling through the sky. Frankie must collect the fish labeled with correctly-spelled words in his basket before they can be eaten by the alligator on the other side of the lake. Users can move him around with the arrow keys to collect the fish. Seahorse Speedway: Frankie is riding a seahorse in a racing competition against other dogs riding seahorses. Fish with letters on them will be swimming near the top of the screen, and the user uses the space bar to eat the fish with letters on them that will complete a word. Like in Crab Attack, 1-3 letters must be filled in, depending on the gameplay level. Eating correct letters causes the seahorse to go faster. Players must also avoid "anchovies", red fishes with pointy noses that will poke and momentarily stun the seahorse.
ISO Demo 374MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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