Aura: Fate Of The Ages Streko Graphics / Adventure Company 2004

The Keepers are wise old men who guard the secrets of the universe. Through the use of powerful rings they are able to create and travel to new worlds. Legend has it that whoever combines these rings with sacred artefacts hidden on various worlds will achieve immortality and great power. You are Umang, brightest student of the Clan of Keepers, and you are sent to Ademika, gateway to the hidden worlds, to continue your training with an old and wise master named Grifit. When you arrive Grifit has gone but he has left you a note telling you to prepare the journey ship and to activate the navigational map. The environments are gorgeous, very accessible, yet alien enough to make you believe you're in another dimension. The puzzles are good throughout and run the gamut, from inventory, to logic, to symbolist, to ritualistic. It reminds of the best parts of the Myst series though the plot could have been more developed.
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Level Demo ~128Mb ( @
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3CD ISO Demo (uploaded by Scaryfun & provided by nanette) 1.8GB
included in 30:1 Limited Edition Blu-ray collection (JoWood) - DaemonToolsPro MDF ISO 39.7GB (uploaded by Egon68)

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