Reader Rabbit's Reading Development Library 4 Learning Company, The 1994

This is the fourth of the Development Library series. It was re-released in 1997 for Windows 95 and Macintosh. The game consists of two stories, which can be narrated by Sam the Lion or by two different characters from the story. There are also additional activities which include a list of key words, writing letters to the story characters, matching words and pictures and putting the story in order. The first story is "King Midas" which includes the titular King Midas, his daughter Princess Merrigold, her pet frog and the Mysterious Man. When narrated by Merrigold, she finds her father's love for gold very peculiar. She is not happy when he turns everything to gold, but is glad when he comes to his senses. When narrated by King Midas, he expresses his love for gold and gladly accepts the golden touch from a Mysterious Man. He regrets it later when he can't eat or drink and turns Merrigold into a statue. When the golden touch is reversed he is no longer obsessed with gold. The second story is "The Ugly Duckling" which includes the titular Ugly Duckling Quill, the Mother Duck and Mr. Croak. When narrated by Quill he expresses how much he is ostracized, but is glad to have Mr. Croak's company. Next Spring, he is overjoyed to find that he is a swan and was hatched a cygnet. When narrated by Mr. Croak, he reveals he had a lot in common with Quill, like being different when he was a tadpole. He does his best to comfort Quill. After helping Quill find his friends next Spring, Mr. Croak proceeds to help a caterpillar.
Windows ISO Demo 303MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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