What the Golf? Triband / Fig Publishing 2019

This is a humorous arcade game based very loosely on the rules of golf. The game consists in hitting various objects with an invisible stick; in this way we move them along the board in a given direction and with a certain force. Each "golf course" (we are talking about backyards, roads and even football pitches or even bowling lanes) is a separate mini-game in which the ball is reaplced by a different object, the game is governed by its own rules, while the action is presented from different perspectives (from bird's eye view, from the side or in FPP view). For example, if we are playing with a car or a house, we need to avoid obstacles and try to reach the end of the route in one piece; we release the bowling ball in order to break the pins in front of it; the soccer ball must hit the goal; in turn, a horse and its rider - reach the designated area. In addition, there was a place for mini-games inspired by other productions, such as a simple platformer, a variation on the popular "snake", and even a simple FPS. There is also something for everyone who loves the Olympic Games (diving, volleyball) and even astronomy fans (fun to bouncing ball between planets with the use of the gravitational assistance). A physics engine based on ragdoll technology ensures that certain objects behave according to the laws of physics, which often leads to comical situations.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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