Lancelot's Hangover: The Quest for the Holy Booze Jean-Baptiste de Clerfayt 2020

Release Date: Sep Monkey Island meets Monty Python's Holy Grail in a silly medieval point and click adventure game, with an attitude. You play Lancelot, the sexiest Knight Of the Round Table. God gives you a quest: go find the Holy Grail, put some booze in it and celebrate the biggest party England has ever known. But the Grail is hidden deep into a dangerous place, where all men are gay and women have hair under their arms: the Kingdom of France. This is a 4-to-6-hour-long retro point & click adventure game with very silly humour. And also very accurate historical facts to break the ice during poshy dinners (but mostly very silly humour). Visit Redemption-Land, the best amusement park of the whole Medieval Christendom and discover the most stupid relics thanks the exclusive Splash-O-Baptize ride. Impress your neighbours by mastering drunk mini-games (WARNING: rashes and itching may occur while playing those silly mini-games.) Make meaningful moral choices like: do you want to be heavily drunk, or utterly hammered, or lightly blitzed, or impressively tipsy or even softly smashed during your quest? It's up to you. Includes typical retro point&click silly inventory puzzles like mixing a chastity belt and hormone replacement medicines (known as Fem&M's) to craft some synthetic insulin to cure the local dragon's diabetes (WARNING: may not work in real life). Get lost in a very boring maze and watch how to skip it thanks to a walkthrough you just googled (I told you it's a retro point&click experience). Craft your own Mojito-style fancy cocktail and drink it in the Holy Grail (WARNING: look carefully at the receipt in the cursed über-secret Alchemist book hidden you-know-where). It's 1992 point and click humour in a today gaming experience (with 720p VGA graphics). All the art, animations, story, dialogues, code made by one single guy (who's high on drugs 14 hours a day). You play a sexy half-naked knight. The game fits in only 154 floppy disks. The cast: An evil catholic pope (who doesn't even look like Steve Jobs); Firmin the Transformist (from local Tourist Office); St. Francis of Assisi, the ventriloquist; Trash-talking Baby Jesus puppet; Annoying Nouvelle-Vague French mime; Gangsta-rapping tame bear; Jean-Jacques le Très-Sexy-Gendarme; Sexier naked women with hairy armpits; And even sexier lepers and witches to be burned at the stake yelling weather forecasts... and many, many, many more serious characters.
Level Demo 351MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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