Mashiro Botan [J] Fizz 2007

Tokiya and his cousin Mashiro, are high school students. One day, a transfer student joins his class. Her name is also Mashiro. He is surprised to see her, because he met her a couple of days before. Mashiro asks, "Do you know her?" "Hmm... yeah...." "...?" We met in January, the coldest time of the year... Fizz's second work, this work is a romantic comedy that depicts a boy who is worried between two contrasting girls, Mashiro, set in a snowy town. Most of the H scenes are in clothes. Also, all heroines are wearing black tights, but by introducing the reservation privilege "Niso disk", the black tights can be replaced with knee socks. Toshiya Mogami helps a girl buried in snow one day. Tokiya had her name "Yukinko" in her heart because the girl didn't give her name. A few days later, "Yukinko" is transferred to Tokiya's class. However, "Yukinko," or Mashiro Miyazono, had a different attitude than when she first met, and confused Tokiya.
Japanese ISO Demo 937MB (uploaded by rockleevk)

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