Learn to Play Chess with Fritz & Chesster 3: Chess for Winners ChessBase GmbH / Viva Media LLC 2006

The Chess fair amusement park is in town. Chess is the name of the game at this fair. Pick up chess tips and skills as you ride on the bumper cars and Ferris wheel. Discover mini-games and more at every attraction. This unforgettable chess adventure is designed to advance young chess player’s skills, move by move. Play in the story and enjoy mini games that teach you chess knowledge. Polish up your chess strategy and tactics, opening, middle game and endgame and - use what you’ve learned to win. You’ll have a ton of fun while you learn more about the serious business of playing – and winning chess. ""Chess for Winners"" is Part 3 in the “Learn to Play Chess with Fritz and Chesster” series of chess games for kids. It's powered by Fritz, the world’s #1 ranking chess software and provides training for advanced players. Bonus: Enjoy 1 year free membership to “www.PlayChess.com”. Features: Introducing the chess clock. Thinking things through; Opening scheme. Tactics - diversion, interruption; Removing the defender. Recognizing mates; Types of check (blitz, capture. Endgame training - rook vs. pawn; Key squares. Mating with knight and bishop. For chess players ages 8 and up.
ISO Demo 356MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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