Kari Team Unmanagable / Breda University of Applied Sciences 2020

Kari: Stranded On The Shores Of Vanaheim is a combat-free adventure-puzzle game heavily inspired by Norse Mythology. Stranded on unknown shores you play as Kari, a young viking girl who has to find a way home. Out on a sailing voyage to prove herself, Kari gets caught in a magical storm that casts her far off-course into a world that's not entirely hers. Stranded on unknown shores, Kari must find the inhabitants of this world she doesn't belong in and convince them to help her get back to her own world and home. Enter an untamed world of otherworldly hazards and challenges, filled by figures from the Norse Mythology and the souls of those who have found their way to Vanaheim before you. Overcome the challenges the Gods present to you in order to acquire the items you need to repair your boat and complete quests for the souls that reside in Vanaheim. Wander through the realms of Uller, Njord and Freya and find the villages of their people. Find Mimir, the well of wisdom hidden in the woods and escape the enchanting song of the Lorelei. Kari is a game produced as a student project at the Breda University of Applied Sciences over a year, from September 2019 until June 2020.
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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