Travel Gunner [Tw] Visual Art Information 1994

This is a nice Taiwanese visual novel with lots of dialogue and a variety of puzzles. In addition, a pleasant and light "strawberry" reward awaits the player for the correct solution, which, however, does not go beyond the bounds of moral principles and generally accepted norms. In 1997, the mysterious medicine Lotto.D appeared in the world for the first time. Having used it, a person immediately became a genius for a while, but then subconsciously went into an absolutely uncontrollable sexual-depraved state. This effect appeared constantly, and the symptoms appeared more and more dangerous each time. The patient was forced to take Lotto.D over and over again; in the end, this addiction completely took over his personality. It was necessary to urgently start a battle with this terrible evil. You are acting as a young man named Lin Minda (林明達). He is an ordinary office worker. At one fun corporate event, his superiors finally rewarded him with a trip to the United States of America. And so, our hero is already bored at the international airport, anticipating a meeting with the famous Statue of Liberty. But suddenly, in the waiting area, he was hailed by a spectacular anime girl with bright red hair. She seemed familiar to him. Yes, there could be no mistake - her name is Wei (薇), and she was his classmate at the institute. And now they must fly together on the same flight! However, one unpleasant event happened during the flight, which for some reason always begins with loud words: "Everyone to stay in their seats is a robbery ...". Three anime girls: Reina (蕾娜), Layli (雷莉) and Pandora (潘朵拉) decided to "pinch" the passengers a little. But in business, without hesitation, Wei intervened, who also turned out to be an FBI agent, but the forces were unequal. The guy (your hero) and the beautiful Wei criminals at gunpoint were taken down to the cargo hold and there they injected Lotto.D ... There will be many adventures ahead. After the scene on the plane, your hero will jump with a parachute, find himself in the hospital, and then meet the green-haired anime girl Annie. She is also a special agent and has long been fighting against the illegal circulation of Lotto.D. On her computer, you can find information about the drug and its distributors. She will professionally prepare you to work with agents, and after that your callsign will sound like "Travel Gunner". Then you, as a real undercover agent, will live in a hotel and expect to meet one important person. The game is diverse in its content. You constantly need to select menu items below the pictures. This will mainly be: explore (查看), thinking to oneself (思考), talking (談話), describing the immediate environment (附近). One way or another, going through all the options, you will be on the right track. A sign of a correctly chosen answer on the part of the program will be a kind offer of the opportunity to "save". It will take a long time in a circle to run the above menu items until something in the situation or text dialogs changes. In some situations, the wrong choice of plot development will mean the death of your character - and the game will have to start either anew or by loading a previous saved stage. Once you even have to remember the sequence of signs to open the cabinet with a secret passage. There will also be an "action" -element in the form of a virtual shooting gallery - quite a simple, but very atmospheric moment for playing with static images. But the scariest trick in the game is to correctly fold the picture in a limited time. Moreover, the principle of mutual movement of fragments remained absolutely unclear. For folding pictures, there is even a training mode in the main menu of the game. There are erotic elements in the game. Basically, they will mean the resolution of the next tangled tangle of options for enumerating menu items. The erotic here in no way goes beyond the bounds of decent. For example, on an airplane, your hero first sees the terrible action of Lotto.D on his companion, whom the criminals injected with a dose of the drug, - Wei in the nude will be very exhausted, having absolutely no control over his behavior. Then, at the hospital, one of the girls will show interest in Lin Mind's sick person. An interesting situation awaits at the hotel where our hero will live, waiting for a meeting with the agent. Right from the doorstep, when you check into your room, you will certainly be imposed by phone on some interesting services, which are called a simple English word - Service. So, if you say yes, then you will surely run into a girl of the same profession, who is also the “Queen of S&M”. The fatal ending of your character will be shown in a humorous picture. In general, erotica here is a bit detected.
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