Gaksital [K] Few / Sego entertainment 1999

An isometric adventure action based on the eponymous comic book of the 1970s. The action takes place during the Japanese occupation of South Korea. The protagonist is a young man, Yi Gangto, who, like his father, works with the Japanese authorities and often carries out assignments for them, which makes him many enemies in his native village. However, when the new garrison commander, Kimura, takes his lover away, he decides to break into the residence. There he witnesses the battle between Kimura and the legendary Haxital, but both die, and Ganto decides to pick up the mask and become the new avenger. The gameplay can be divided into two parts: adventure and action. In the first, we have to communicate a lot with NPCs, acquire and find various items and prepare for an attack on another object. After getting into it, the action part begins, in which you can apply martial arts skills (Ctrl - fists, Alt - legs, X - forward somersault), as well as small arms. Health is displayed by a blue scale at the bottom of the screen, and a red scale is also located there, which is spent on particularly powerful melee techniques. Unfortunately, the responsiveness of management and the strange recognition of hit boxes and the behavior of opponents (some can stand as idols, others can run up and beat without stopping and the ability to rise) make the fight extremely difficult, which is complemented by the inability to save in the process of these stages. The graphics are done in isometric perspective and pre-rendered style, falling between Britra and Quo Vadis: A Coldblooded Demon in quality. The music sounds nice and atmospheric in its own way.
Korean ISO Demo 209MB (uploaded by

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