Grokion 01: Inception Dodo Domination Team 2011

Originally released only for the iPhone in 2010, this arrives on our browsers in a free version supporting full-screen viewing thanks to the engine used for the development: Unity 3D. We will control a robot initially devoid of defensive systems along the labyrinthine corridors of a lunar base in desperate search for Dr. Savian the only man able to solve the problems that arose in the base after using energy sources not yet fully known. The game is reminiscent of classics like Metroid and Mega Man with the action that will develop in three-dimensional levels using the classic side view typical of the 90s platformers. The control of our hero will take place using the combination of WASD keys with the mouse to shoot (left key) and jump (right key) while pressing the space bar and the ESC key we will respectively be able to select the menu items and access the base map. The first phases of the game will see us engaged in the collection of particular energy spheres useful for us to acquire new skills while continuing in the exploration we will have to deal with systems and beings that have become hostile due to the lack of control of the aforementioned out of control energy sources. In addition to a completely original soundtrack, the title also manages to be appreciated from the graphic point of view with rather detailed levels and with a style very similar to the action games that ran on the first 3D consoles.
Browser-Playable Free Game *requires Unity plugin, use IE or Firefox (uploaded by Y8)

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