No Players Online Papercookies 2019

This is a creepy little PS1 styled first person horror game set within the empty servers of a defunct Capture The Flag first person shooter. You find a dusty old VHS tape with the words “Capture The Flag Project Footage 03.20/86” scrawled on it. After inserting it into a video player you find that it contains footage of an old Capture The Flag FPS, but the servers are all empty – or so they seem... Taking around 10 minutes to play through, it's a great little horror game with a clever premise and a very cool retro aesthetic. A little like Dark Forest Virtual Chatroom, there’s something inherently spooky about wandering about alone in a long forgotten virtual game world. This is made even more freaky here as it turns out there really is something to be scared about, but it also poses you a little moral dilemma. The choice is yours, but your actions may have permanent repercussions.
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Free Game v2.0 58MB (uploaded by

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