Video Game Machine, The Stardock Corporation 2019

Early Access Release This offers players a sandbox environment where they can create their own video games and then share them with others via the Internet. It's from the devs of popular Sins of a Solar Empire and Galactic Civilizations strategies. It enables you to create your own simple video games using ready-made elements - such as character or opponent models, objects and location styles. The game offers a catalog of ready-made items and heroes, among which we can find knights, unicorns, ninja, cats or... vegetables. The title enables us to make only two-dimensional works. Games developed may belong to one of several classic genres, such as adventure games, shooters, and platformers. The players can design their own levels, write dialogues and define various game rules - we decide the number of enemies, their behavior and camera modes. We can play the game we create at any time to test some solutions, or just to have fun. It's not a game in the traditional sense of the word, as it does not offer single or multiplayer modes. The creation process takes place on a single computer, but the game also offers limited online functionality that enables you to share your work with others.
Download: None currently available

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