There Was the Moon Ben Lapid / Bunso 2020

The moon hasn't set in ages. Under the eternal night humanity is forced to choose one of its own to restore natural order. Step into this beautiful nightmare, walk its luminous halls, and take part in the ceremony of a lifetime. We open our doors to you on this eternal night. Under the moon’s gaze, you may enter. This is an atmospheric exploration game. The player is tasked with completing a ritual prescribed by an interspecies pact formed eons ago. Complete puzzles to delve deeper into a massive monument in this mystical adventure. Features: A beautiful nightmare; Explore meticulously crafted environments and discover their true purpose; A luminous atmosphere paired with a surreal soundscape; Solve puzzles as you complete the ritual step by step; A short, satisfying experience that can be completed in one sitting; Divine contact, secrets, multiple endings.
Download: None currently available

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