Dorian Morris Adventure Forestlight Games, PlayWay S.A. 2020

Release Date: Sep Will the secrets of your missing grandfather be finally discovered? Who is your friend, and who should you avoid? What is the mysterious Book of Knowledge? Do you really know who you are and what is your destination? Don't fear and take the challenge by going on an adventure that one day will come knocking to your door. Be hot on the trail, gather up your team and embark on a fascinating, dangerous and mysterious journey into the unknown. A journey to the sources of getting to know yourself. This is an adventure coaching game that deals with knowledge about the human mind, psychological theories and personality tests. By playing our hero - Dorian Morris - the player follows the tracks left by his grandfather, a famous traveler. Dorian experiences amazing adventures, solves puzzles and tasks, in which the competence analysis mechanism is weaved into. In the end our hero learns what are his strengths and weaknesses, what profession can be his calling as he receives tips on development directions of his skills and competences in terms of self-esteem, motivation, self- and team-management and psychophysical hygiene. It's not only an entertaining experience, but also mind training and a powerful dose of practical and useful knowledge in life, such as how to manage time, solve conflicts, etc. Interactive quizzes, games, tests and animations are clues that guide the player to the place where the Book of Knowledge is hidden. What is she hiding? Keep your eyes wide open, stay alert, because you don’t know when Dorian Morris will come to you and throw you into the whirl of adventure. It's not a typical point & click game, it is primarily a fascinating experience, but also excellent mind training and a powerful dose of practical and useful knowledge in life. The game uses the analysis of the player's professional interests based on the concept of Federic Kruder and related to the Standard Classification of Occupations. The implemented measuring tools are as follows: Player's educational aspiration - striving for the assumed educational purpose; Player's professional interests - targeted activity taking different values; Player's core competencies - knowledge, skills and attitudes in three key areas - social, task and personal.
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