Power Dolls 1 [J] Kogado Studio 2009

This is a remake of the first version of "Power Dolls" released in 1994. There is no change in the settings and scenarios in which female characters and large robots play an active role, but the system is almost the same as that of "Power Dolls 5", such as the quarter view. It's a campaign-based turn-based strategy that depicts the "Omni Revolutionary War" that broke out on the colonial planet Omni. The player conducts "DoLLS" (Detachment of Limited Line Service), which is organized as one of the special units of the Omni Independent Army. DoLLS is a unit that performs a variety of tasks such as sabotage, rescue of key personnel, and assault descent, and players are given various missions according to the development of the war in the game. We will complete such a mission with the humanoid robot weapon "Power Loader" at the top, using support vehicles, support fighters, and transport planes. By the way, this work has elements such as the fact that all members of DoLLS are women and the power loader that is a robot engages in battle, but it is quite a serious strategy game. This work contains nine scenarios, and you can play one mission for each. Each scenario can be enjoyed as a continuous campaign or as a single piece (the final scenario of the ninth piece is a campaign only). Immediately after the start of each scenario, first check the situation and confirm the content of the mission in the “Mission Briefing”. Based on that, we plan a broad-based strategy in the "Plan One's Strategy". Specifically, it is the number of people assigned to each unit, the task to be given, the time of descent start and support, the entry route and the waiting place. In "Unit Organize", select power loaders and support aircraft to be put into the operation. There are multiple types of power loaders such as a special type for melee combat and a reconnaissance type, and both shoulders and hands can be equipped with different weapons such as Gatling guns and assault rifles. In addition, DoLLS members are also personalized by various statuses and possession skills such as "searching" and "concealment". Therefore, it is necessary to judge from the mission content and the planned operation, who should be placed on which power loader and which weapon should be combined. After taking the above steps, the battle finally started. In the battle of this work, "AP" (action point) system is adopted. Each unit is given an AP according to the aircraft/passenger/arming every turn, and consumes a predetermined amount of AP for all actions such as movement/searching/shooting. The basic behavior pattern is to first search and confirm the safety, move, then search for the target, then hide it. If you find an enemy unit in the process, destroy it before it is found. Thus, a fairly careful and stoic battle is required. What is characteristic of this work will be that each unit can act at any timing within the same turn as long as the required AP remains. That is, as long as the AP allows, it is possible to reach the front line and attack the enemy, then retreat again, or destroy one enemy and then attack another enemy that the ally unit failed to destroy. From strategy planning to actual battles to accomplishing missions, this game generally requires a degree of caution not found in modern games. Although players can develop a wide range of strategies depending on their skill, even unreasonable behavior is not tolerated, and if you do not always keep in mind how to win, you will quickly get stuck. However, the stoic contents that seem to be both hard and sober were recognized as a big attraction of the first generation POWER DoLLS, and developed into a longevity series that continues to this day. In addition, the graphics have been redesigned for this remake. Not to mention the refinement of DoLLS members who add glamor to the hard-hitting content, pre-rendered 3D movies are used for the opening and some of the production during the game. The background music was produced by Hiroto Saito, who has worked on the songs in the series. There are a lot of jazzy and light songs, but there is no feeling of floating, so to speak, it surely enlivens the atmosphere of "game for adults".
Japanese DVD ISO Demo 768MB (uploaded by rockleevk)
Japanese ISO Demo (provided by Rockleevk & upped by Scaryfun) 566MB

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