Zoog Genius: Geography, History & Language Arts Disney Interactive 2001

Are you a Zoog genius? Power up your computer and get ready for a wild ride through the Zeether with all your Zoog Disney friends. It's the CD-ROM game for kids ages 9-12 that turns your PC into a twisted educational game show and makes you and your friends the stars. Features hundreds of rapid-fire, multiple-choice questions, based on curriculum supplied by renowned educational experts McREL. Language Arts: Skills, strategies, stylistic and rhetorical aspects of writing; Grammar, spelling and mechanics of composition; Level appropriate vocabulary inspeech. History: Significant people, events, problems and ideas; Democratic values; Causes/nature of movements of people; Social and economic effects of scientific and technological discoveries and their discoverers/inventors; Attributes and developments of world societies. Geography: Uses of maps, globes and other geographic tools and technologies; Physical process that shape patterns on the Earth's surface; Characteristics of ecosystems on the Earth's surface; Impacts of humans actions on the physical environment; Patterns and networks of economic interdependence of Earth's surface. Features: Fast-paced, twisted quiz show style questions; One and two player game action that letsyou match wits against your friends; Three levels of difficulty for all of you braniacs.
ISO Demo 425MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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