CyberXperience AZ Multimedia / Erotic Entertainment 1996

This is an adult first-person action title in which you take part as the personal cyborg of Nikie in order to help her recover her sexuality. Nikie is trapped on a secret base located on "one of Jupiter's planets". She is the result of generic experimentation and has been stripped away of any sexual desire. Make her a sexually active woman again. But this can only be done with erotic aids, which you have to chase away the Cybernet guards with their devilish war machines. Get into the fight - Nickie will reward you, her hero and teacher, excitably. Features: 7 Levels; Grand Finale in Interactive Mode; Over 30 Sexy Video Clips; 3D Render Locations; Real-Time Navigation in 3D Space; Soundtrack.
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4CD ISO Demo + Patch 1.1 CD ISO Demo 1.67GB (uploaded by Abandonsocios)

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