Mission: Schatztaucher [G] Heureka-Klett 2003

"Mission: Treasure Driver" has you conquer the sea with cleverness. The depths forgives no mistakes. A wide variety of missions require strategic skill, foresight and organizational talent: salvaging a flight recorder, searching for treasures from long past eras or sunken cities, lifting chemical barrels and much more. Research, planning, successful action - The extensive knowledge from the research department helps you plan and complete your challenging missions and informs you about the topics of oceanography, geography, biology and history of lost civilizations. Exciting learning strategy game in adventurous underwater worlds. Dangerous dives in marine areas all over the world require a lot of know-how. Features: Strategy and knowledge perfectly combined; Fascinating underwater worlds; Wide range of knowledge; Real-time 3D graphics.
German ISO Demo *requires no-cd patch or cd-key 476MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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