BNB 2: Crazy Arcade [K] Mizi Production / Nexon Korea Corporation 2003

The sequel to BnB Adventure, one of the most famous Korean arcade games, released, like it, in the wake of the success of the multiplayer game BnB Crazy Arcade. The game world has become much smaller: in the "sequel" only six levels await us, not counting the boss fights and "bonus" stages. The plot, and inBnB Adventure, which was not distinguished by its elaboration, turned into something completely background, albeit with a comical claim to "drama": in the introductory video we are shown the battle of the heroes with some terrible monster that attacked their world, and they even seem to be his chased away, but "not completely"; the first boss - let's open a surprise - will be a pirate, the main villain from the first part, but after defeating him it turns out that in fact it is the father (!) of one of the characters, bewitched by monsters - the servants of that monster from the video, so the ultimate goal is to save your parent. There are formally two protagonists - Tao, a boy in a blue suit familiar from BnB Adventure , and Buzzy, a red-clad girl who replaced Tigini - only in single-player mode you can now play only as the first. It was created primarily as a kind of "supplement" to the online arcade, which is the progenitor of dilogy - and this, unfortunately, is very clearly felt. So, the abundance of bonuses encountered - yellow circles with black letters "R", ironically called "rupees" - in this game itself are not needed for anything (except perhaps increasing the score), but at the same time in the Crazy Arcade itself represent almost some kind of "in-game currency" (which could somehow be transferred from this game to that one). Accordingly, it is assumed, in all likelihood, that the player will strive primarily to collect them, and not to fight with opponents or admire the environment - and, probably, this is precisely what explains the fact that we are practically here not detectable (despite the presence of chests available for opening, where something invisible seems to be lying): even the health reserve, traditionally displayed as a scale from round containers with water, decreasing when we are wounded, cannot be replenished in any way. To the developers' credit, it should be noted that they still tried to make small and, frankly, uninteresting levels as diverse as possible from the point of view of entourage. So, even within the framework of the first, we, in fact, will visit as many as three "worlds": a village, a beach and a pirate ship. Then there will be a lot of everything else: from the forest and the depths of the sea to the construction site. Periodically, there will also be bonus sections, where the perspective "from the side" typical for platformers will give way to a third-person view, and the hero, instead of battles, will have to ride on rails on a trolley or run over rough terrain. The controls are more or less standard: “Alt” is responsible for the jump, “Ctrl” is responsible for the attack, for which infinite balls of water are used, familiar from the first part, for a short-term call of any assistant from the network characters Crazy Arcade (which is available in BnB 2 since the start of the first level, and the number of remaining "evocations" is indicated in the lower left part of the screen) - "Shift". At each of the "normal" stages, you can find automatic save points - bars topped with the letter "S". Please note that there is a time limit, albeit a fairly humane one.
Korean ISO Demo 190MB (uploaded by

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