Pixeline Skolehjælp: Lær om Kroppen - Rejsen til kroppens [Da] Krea Medie 2007

In "Learning About The Body", the children learn about the functions of the body together with Pixeline. Fredo and his uncle, the professor, are aliens from outer space who want to learn something about humans. Therefore, they beam Pixeline up into their spaceship so that together they can explore the mysteries of the body. The robot collects all the newfound knowledge in an encyclopedia that the children can always look up. The children learn about: The structure of the body; The circulatory system; Digestion; Functions of the brain; The senses - all with the purpose of giving children an understanding of the different functions of the body. The game has been developed in collaboration with primary school teachers and is aimed at children in the youngest school classes. With 3 different levels of difficulty, there are plenty of challenges for kids at all levels and different grade levels.
Danish ISO Demo (Copy protected with SafeDisc) 219MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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