Spy Kids Learning Adventures: Mission - The Man In The Moon FiniteMonkey Inc. / Brighter Child Interactive 2004

This is one of a series of educational games that focuses on math and logical thinking. In this adventure, Carmen and Juni are assigned to take their Dragonfly craft - which has been retrofit to handle the rigors of space - and head to the moon in order to investigate a mysterious occurrence at the moonbase up there. The game unfolds as a multimedia comic book, with characters narrating over still drawings. At various intervals in the story, the game asks you for a code which is also the solution to a puzzle. The game comes with a separate puzzle book (or as a PDF file included on the disc, or downloadable from the Brighter Child website) with a series of "missions" which individual math and logic puzzles that must be solved to yield the codes. Interspersed with these code requests and the story advancement are various logic-oriented minigames.
included in Spy Kids Learning Adventures: Mission: The Anti-Gravity Agenda 202MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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