Pixeline Skolehjælp: Lær om Vikingerne - Kongekampen [Da] KREA Medie 2009

Pixeline School Aid: Learn about the Vikings - The King's Battle is the sixteenth game in the Pixeline Skolehjælp series. The game starts with Pixeline traveling around with little brother and Mumble, to help Svend Tveskæg get back on the throne. In order for Svend to return, you need ten king pieces, which Pixeline must help procure. This is done, among other things, by collecting money with which you can buy gifts and with which you can bribe the rulers. At the same time must also defeat them in a duel to get a king thing. You can get the money, among other things, by fighting with the various rulers, and trading with your goods on the market. While traveling around with Pixeline on Viking expeditions around Europe . Pixeline tells the story of the different cities you visit, as well as the culture and everyday life, and how the Vikings lived then. Finally, when all the kings have been collected and given to Svend, Svend Tveskæg is reinstated on the throne.
Danish ISO Demo 654MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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