Yuruhuwa Souls [J] Desunoya 2014

This is a free horizontal platform action game that was written on the creator's homepage that it was a game for April Fools and has high difficulty. It's a revised version of the developer's commercial game Mysterious Dream Sea Tobari. Operate the magical girl with a Mario-like, Rockman-like feeling (there may be many others), go through all traps, and defeat enemies to proceed. Usually the weapon is a cane, but you can use magic by defeating a specific enemy. You will surely die. Anyway, new traps and enemies are waiting while the trap is full and you will be delighted to proceed a little. There is little time to calm down and think. Enemy shoots projectiles, traps get stuck, the floor melts, I don't know how to proceed... I may scream or go crazy. But there is certainly a sense of accomplishment. Once you know how to proceed, it becomes easy. However, it takes time to get there. That's exactly what I'm gonna die for, trying and remembering many times. I was surprised and fresh because new traps and other things will come out if I proceed a little. The hard part is that it can be done in one shot. If you hit an enemy, hit a missile, or hit an obstacle such as a thorn, it will restart there. It's hard to say that you can endure one shot by eating mushrooms like Mario. Maybe it will be able to endure if the number of hearts on the top increases, but the number of remaining machines is 1000. The restart is very fast, but it takes a long time to die 1000 times.
Japanese Free Game + Patch 1.01 72.3+1.3MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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