Desunoya Castle [J] Desunoya 2016

So, welcome to the Kingdom. Today is Fengyun, invite everyone to the castle. KO Princess will guide you. This is a game created for an event called Digige Expo, and the concept is to have various people play 10 machines at the exhibition for a time of about 5 hours and aim to clear it. Let's have a wide range of people from the first person with a lot of traps to everyone. It is quite difficult to play alone. You can play with two people, so if you have the opportunity, please try playing with them. It's assigned some keys to jumps. In the event of a disaster, the contents of KeyMap.ini in the save folder. [PLAYER2 ] ← 2P side; PADNO=1 ← Controller number used in 2P; KEYBOARD=0; DECIDE=0 ← Let's start! Of key CANCEL = 1; SPECIAL = 1; key used to JUMP = 0 ← jump. Play with it ♪ ・Press the ESC key during stage play, or when the game is cleared, the play result text will be written to the save folder.
Japanese Free Game ( 180.4MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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