Writer Rabbit The Learning Company 1986

Writer Rabbit makes preparations for a Sentence Party. The game teaches users how to form sentences and reinforces good grammar and typing skills. There are six activities including "Icecream Game", three "Cake Games", "Juice Game" and "Silly Story Party". The player can choose one of three difficulty levels to play the activities. The key words for forming sentences are "How", "Who", "What", "When", "Why", "Where" and "Did What". The game contains over 200 different news stories to work from. It contains six minigames: Icecream Game - Players indicate which sentence part appears at the top of the screen; The Cake Games (1, 2, and 3) - Match sentence parts; Juice Game - Players complete sentences; Silly Story Party - Players can write stories from scratch or from a list of story fragments.
1988 Full Demo v1.3 105kb (uploaded by scaryfun)

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