Classiques No. 1 Titus 1987

The first volume of Titus Classiques includes three games: Invaders, Glutton, and Infernal Breakout. The first of them is nothing more than an ordinary clone of the famous Space Invaders. Even the surroundings have not changed: all the same, aliens resembling robots are attacking earthly cities, and your cannon must hold back hordes of invaders. Moreover, the enemies, just like you, can shoot - and they do it very aggressively. Even hiding behind cities, one cannot be completely calm; in addition, the speed of the game is so high that you have to reduce the number of DOSBox cycles to a minimum, and the controllability of the gun leaves much to be desired. Glutton- another nod to the ageless classics: The glutton we must control by collecting points in mazes is, of course, none other than Pac-man. There are four ghosts and four balls, giving you a short-term opportunity to eat ghosts, as well as many interesting levels with gradually increasing difficulty. It is through the design of the levels that the game is quite capable of captivating. Finally, Infernal Breakout is perhaps the most noteworthy in this collection. Of course, this is another Breakout clone but masterfully done. An abundance of bonuses, starting with the banal "ball splitters" and "bombs" (you shouldn't fall under them!) - and up to the second upper bat, which moves synchronously with yours and helps to hit the balls, and the bat, which is located even higher and already in every possible way interferes you play. Thanks to such seemingly simple design solutions and smooth controls, the game turned out to be very decent. At each new level, the number of lives is replenished, due to which the complexity is not at all prohibitive, as it often happened in those days. The graphics in all games are made in the ascetic CGA-mode, while not causing rejection. In each game, the maximum number of points that you are invited to beat is saved; these high scores are also displayed in the main menu, where the games of choice are presented as icons instead of titles. Thus, there is really an absolute minimum of textual information.
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