Broken Windows GOC Games 2020

Chapter 1 (Jan 2) This is a point and click adventure game inspired by the Police Quest series (albeit with no dead ends or deaths!) Frownthorpe is an unremarkable town in an unremarkable county. You are probationary police constable Jack Burton, fresh out of training and eager to succeed. This is just as well because something very remarkable is about to happen in this unremarkable town. Chapter 2 (July 30) You are inexperienced Police Constable Jack Burton, seconded to CID and thrust into the middle of an escalating murder mystery in a dead-end town. Can you stop the killer before he strikes again? Chapter 3 (Mar 20/2021) Still in pursuit of the Frownthorpe Ripper as the sleepy town begins to resemble a police state. It looks like you might have hunted him down. But is all as it seems? Chapter 4 (TBA).
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Chapters 1+2+3 - Free Games 11+7+8MB (uploaded by Adventure Game Studio)
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