Mortal Shell Cold Symmetry / PlayStack 2020

This is an action RPG in the style of the Dark Souls series. The game began in 2018 under the name Dungeonhaven as a project of three developers who worked on, among others, the Call of Duty series and Ghost of Tsushima. It's action is set in a fantasy universe. However, this is not a colourful land of elves or dwarves, but a dark world world filled with horror, where only ruins and fragile memories remain of human civilization. The mysterious existence known as the Dark Father does not like it. He is the one who gives orders to the main character - an empty vessel without form - to go in search of the lost shrines of the faithful, where he will have to cope with enormous challenges. It uses the classic souls-like scheme. We observe the action from the third person perspective (TPP). The fight is very skillful, but there is no question of chaotic pushing buttons or joyful sword waving (or other cold weapon) like in typical slashers. Every enemy is a threat to us, and often we are forced to face several opponents at once. Good reflex is not enough to come out of these fights victoriously. It is also necessary to conduct the fight carefully and to keep a sense, so that a too hasty attack is not the last one. What makes it different from other games is an unusual system of development of the character. The character we lead has no body, but instead takes control of dead warriors. Each of them during their lifetime was unique in their abilities and specialization, which we can use after taking over their bodies. As the hero deepens his understanding of a certain body, further abilities and upgrades are unlocked, making him even more dangerous in battle. We receive both a large arsenal of weapons and a large number of offensive spells. The story campaign is non-linear in nature, giving us the freedom to choose our next goal.
Standalone Open Beta Demo + Closed Beta Demo 5.2GB+4.46GB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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