Greyhat: A Digital Detective Adventure Limited Games 2020

You play as yourself, an infamous hacker-for-hire with skills and abilities that allow you to infiltrate any computer. One day, you complete a job only to discover that you have crossed some very powerful people, and in their revenge your daughter is taken. To right this wrong you must hack into other people's computers, look through their files, read their emails, mess with their software, and find clues that may lead you closer to bringing your daughter home. In GREYHAT, you will: Steal from a pharmaceutical giant incriminating Test Reports that show their product to be unsafe; Hack into air traffic control to help land multiple planes flying blind due to an AI glitch; Stop an aggressive rogue nation from launching a nuke by accessing their submarine's computer systems; Help leak a secret list containing the name of every single member of a controversial Neo-Nazi organization; Bring justice to a murdered woman by identifying the killer in a case left cold by police inaction; And many, many more. Features: A gripping techno-thriller story about love, loss, and the lengths a parent would go to for their child; Learn to think, act, and react like a hacker; A wide variety of mind-racking levels, each with their own unique setting, puzzles, clues, and twists; Read text logs, emails, journal notes and browsing histories that reveal the true nature of your targets behind the public mask they wear; Clues, passwords, and solutions are randomized. Every play through is different; GREYHAT aims to immerse you in its world. Play as yourself, with your own name and gender; Collectibles in the form of side-stories, poems, wallpapers, and cryptocurrency can be found in each level.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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