Summer Daze at Hero-U Transolar Games 2021

Release Date: May Sign up for a semester at Hero University, a school where famous adventurers teach young people how to be heroes! Play as either Tilly Appleberry, a Rogue student punished with extra chores after one-too-many pranks, or as Ifeyo Kinah, an apprentice Wizard eager to make sure that the Harvest Festival is a success. This takes place one semester before the events of Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption, and features over a dozen characters to befriend and get to know. Meet Rogues, Scientists, Bards, Wizards, Paladins, and Warriors, all with their own stories and goals. Your choices matter, and there are multiple endings and hundreds of paths through the game. Corey and Lori Cole have been designing games for over 30 years, at Sierra Online and now at their independent studio Transolar Games. They were the pioneers behind the adventure/roleplaying hybrid, combining computer roleplaying games with graphical adventures. They’ve previously worked on the Quest for Glory series, Castle of Doctor Brain, Terry Brooks’s Shannara, and Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption, set in the world of Quest for Glory. Here, they distill adventure games down to their core element: the story. This does not have inventory-object puzzles, 3D combat, or mazes of alleyways to explore. Instead, the focus is on story and characters. The result is a polished interactive novel suitable to hardcore Quest for Glory fans and novice players alike.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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