Eyewitness Virtual Reality: Cats Dorling Kindersley Software 1996

From the moment you enter this spectacular virtual museum, you┬┐ll be awe-struck by the vast amount of fascinating information and creative exhibits dedicated exclusively to the world of cats! This program is a fun interactive journey, meticulously researched and compiled by experts and animal lovers to explain the mysterious ways of felines around the globe and throughout time. Features: 3-D Exhibits - Rotate objects to examine them from any angle; Click to zoom in for amazing close-up views; Interactive Consoles Stretch your imagination with built-in activities and challenges; Pick you favorite image or sound from the many displayed and download them for desktop use or personalized stationery; Guided Tours - Choose an expert to show you around the museum, or create your own tour to play back for friends, classmates, or family.
ISO Demo 503MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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