My First Amazing History Explorer Dorling Kindersley Multimedia 1998

Finding out about history has never been so much fun. Travel through 8 exciting locations in the past. Medieval Europe, Imperial China, the Inca Empire, the Age of Industry, the Roman Empire, Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt or a 1920s city. You'll become a heroic historical explorer and learn about history, geography, and different cultures as you travel back in time to rescue a missing history professor, a wacky character called Professor TimeStein. Take the multiple-choice quiz to test what you've learned and hear the answers explained Collect mementos and note observations in your own personal journal and save photos of yourself in different historical locations.Features: Discover clandestine caves, secret rooms, and intricate tunnels and waterways; 40000 words of auto-narrated text in an easy to understand style; 36 different activities teach scientific facts and concepts; More than 150 narrated pop up screens; 8 interactive environments to explore.
ISO Demo 426MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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