My First Bible Stories Dorling Kindersley Multimedia 1999

Bible Stories Brought to Life. Based on the best-lovedBible stories from the Old Testament. This combines exciting multimedia technology with the story-telling traditions that have brought Bible stories to life for thousands of years. An engaging sticker book, fun games and a general quiz ensure that, through play, children will familiarize themselves with the names, places and events of seven favorite Old Testament tales. To complete each story, children play games and practice vital skills as they pair the animals on Noah's Ark or help Abraham get to Canaan. Develop an awareness of essential values such as love and forgiveness through exploration of key stories from the Old Testament. Interactive Bible Stories - Explore seven of the best loved stories from the Old Testament. Encourage Creativity - Crate your own greeting cards and stationery, using illustrations from these biblical stories. LearningFun - Games and activities encourage problem-solving and build memory. Features: Teaches, reinforces, and tests general knowledge of the Bible; Develops problem-solving, pattern-making,memory, and listening skills; With a wide range of activities, games and an extensive quiz to support the stories, this disc is sure to appeal to children whatever their interests and abilities; Includes an extensive stationery areawhich can create personalized letterheads, as well as drawings to color in.
ISO Demo 496MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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