Alius, The [J] Collabo Software, NOVUM / Xing Interactive 1996

The game starts with a rather banal plot: five scientists explore space and find a planet that, at first glance, looks very similar to Earth. Having landed, they go to take water samples for analysis, but together with them in a test tube, an alien something penetrates the ship, capturing one of the crew members. In addition, a meteorite hits the ship's hull, leaving a gaping hole. The movement speed is extremely reduced, and there is little food on board, so part of the team decides to plunge into suspended animation. But will researchers be able to get home? The five heroes of the game are Karl, a young and fearless guy, Mark, an experienced and cold-blooded team leader, Clancy, the youngest scientist on the team, Daryl, an engineer and pilot, and Melissa, a biologist who volunteered to participate in the expedition. Controls are standard for the genre: you need to move around the screens using the arrows, interact with objects - the cursor. Under certain conditions, for example, after entering the desired location, videos are launched that move the plot forward. There are not very many of them and they are set rather clumsy, so it remained a mystery to me what makes the word "Movie" in the title. Using the button in the upper right corner of the screen, you can open a map showing where our character is, his direction, as well as the elevators that allow you to move around the floors of the spaceship. In the lower left corner, a portrait of the person we are currently controlling is shown (you can play as different team members, they change according to the plot). During cinematic scenes, a talking character is displayed there. Sometimes there are choices of several answer options, and one of them may end in death, and then you have to load from the last save. The game is entirely in Japanese, but at least it has subtitles. Most of the game takes place on a ship whose design is gray and dull. Those who are determined to complete the game to the end will be able to get to the Red Planet, which also does not represent anything outstanding.
Japanese ISO Demo 344MB (uploaded by

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