At Least There is Čeda Čedović LeatherIceCream 2020

This is a Mario World-like platformer set in the Poor 4 universe, where local Serbian psychopath, Čeda Čedović, wants to conquer Hell and become the King of Counter Strike 1.6! Unfortunately, Hell is now filled with old video games nobody remembers, a terrible meme-disease that corrupted everything and an overall atmosphere of madness and wackiness that Čeda hates. Help Čeda achieve his dream of becoming the King of CS1.6, by beating all of Hell's Zany Levels and killing the Ruler of Hell himself. Features: Over 30 Levels; Over 70 Music Tracks that drove us up the wall; Over 1 Worlds; Over 80 Gold Sausages to Collect; Every Level has a unique look and introduces new mechanics; Tough Bosses at the end of every World; Power-ups that are actually different enough from each other; A Store to spend your Golden Teapots at; Controller support (Make sure your controller is plugged in before you launch the game); Andre; An Archaic Lives System that you can just Turn Off anyway; Many Cutscenes that you can view in a Gallery; A Lore Book; A Manual. Are you a tough enough Slav to beat Hell itself?
Free Game v1.04 270MB (uploaded by

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