Wendy Whedon Marion Poinsot 2019

Chapter 1: Ranch Mortensen (Aug 16) Free western/fantasy point-and-click adventure game made with Adventure Game Studio. Play as Wendy Whedon, a 16-year-old girl looking for work on the arid Great Plain, a fantasy world that has reached the level of the American Far West where magic and technology merge. In this vast land live the peaceful Riders, the ingenious Enanos, the reptilian military Forgues, and the savage Howakhan tribes. Accompanied by her faithful horse, Abraham, Wendy travels from town to town and finally finds a job as a mail rider, which leads her to meet the attractive young ranch-owner Cain Mortensen. Agreeing to work for him on his ranch, Wendy finds her life soon takes a dramatic turn. Features: Discover the species of the Great Plains and their mounts; More than 60 screens to explore; Walkthrough included; First part of a three-part story; Characters created and animated with the game "The Movies" by Lionhead Studios. Backgrounds based on the game "Call of Juarez 2 - Bound in Blood" by UbiSoft; Based on the characters and universe of the Great Plain; Languages - English, French (English translation by Paolo). Chapter 2: Nature's Rejects (Oct 27/2020) After her adventures at "Ranch Mortensen" (summary available in the game), the young cowgirl Wendy goes to the small town of Lily Town with her horse Abraham, in order to have fun at the fair which takes place the next day, and find a new odd job to survive. But strange circumstances will force her to relive the tragic events she wanted to leave behind, and face an evil force that she could not have imagined. Characters created and animated with "The Sims 4". Scenery from the games "Call of Juarez - Bound in Blood" and "Call of Juarez - Gunslinger" among others. Instructions and solution included. Chapter 3: The Kassinkshton Express (Dec 23/2020) The young cowgirl Wendy works with her friend the inventor Ubaldo on a very powerful prototype rifle, intended to equip a new luxury train whose launch is imminent. Seeing herself offered a place on board as a mercenary to protect the convoy, Wendy will have to face many dangers to bring the passengers to their destination.
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Chapter 1-3 - Free Games 800MB+1.13GB+1.22GB (uploaded by Adventure Game Studio)

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