Zaam Alon Zubina 2020

"I Look into Her Eyes, Her Big Beautiful Eyes. they Remind Me Of Myself, A Former Self. i Won't Let Her Go. i Can't." This is a first-person psychological thriller horror game. Your Little girl Lucy has gone missing and no one seems to know where she is. As your memories unravel, a dark and ominous story will come forth; a story about an unsettling relationship between a father and his daughter. Your decisions will irrevocably shape the course of Lucy’s life. Explore the surreal and fully interactable environment of ZAAM's world. From the creator of it's always monday. Cinematic game that was inspired by John Carpenter and David Cronenberg Movies. For fans of SOMA, Gone Home, and Layers of Fear. A dreamlike, emotional and intimate story with an ending you won't forget. Dark and eerie atmosphere complimenting the story. Fully physical Interactive environments. A short narrative-focused game (about hour and a half) including some light puzzle solving.
Download: None currently available

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