Kewala's Typing Adventure Typequick P/L 1998

This is an engaging software that involves animated cartoons making learning to type a challenge to look forward too. Children learn to type at their own pace developing speed, accuracy, punctuation and keyboard skills whilst going around the world with the cartoon creatures. The software provides feedback and progress reports throughout the game to assist children becoming better each time. This game is easy to use, interactive and engaging. Discover the Australian outback with your animated young guide Kewala the Koala. Kewala has a lot to learn of the dangers of the outback, and as you type he discovers more and more dangers. Hurry - Type faster so Kewala will survive his journey and make it to the Kingdom of Eaz. With clever commentary, 2,500 animations, 20 characters, and music, Kewala motivates children to keep typing without ever knowing that they are learning. It's structured of 10 different challenges. The first 8 adventures teach you to type with 10 fingers and the ability to read as you are typing. The program also illustrates proper posture and hand positioning so as not to develop bad habits from the beginning. The 9th and 10th challenges develop speed and accuracy. It consists of 6 different languages, so the students can even try their second language if they have one or the L.O.T.E language at school. Students who learn to type can expect to perform better on homework assignments and enjoy more leisure time than those who rely on self taught typing techniques. Kewala’s adventure is designed by the top educators, psychologists and software developers to make learning fast, easy and enjoyable. Strategy: With the use of the software and access to computers, children will have multiple lessons throughout the week to practice their typing skills. Once they feel confident in typing, they may pair up and type a sentence each without back spacing and see how many mistakes they make, progressing each time they try. And to further their skills they may start to write paragraphs and complete tasks on a word document and begin to write emails and letters typing.
ISO Demo 206MB (uploaded by Dennis95)

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