Alf's Party Kit Box Office 1988

This is a fun collection of mini applications and games that are designed, as the name suggests, to help kids print invitations and banners for parties and have fun playing mini party games with their friends. With the help of Alf, the lovable alien from a hit TV series, kids can design decorations using a range of fonts, color palettes, and Alf cartoons, as well as print invitations for their friends, guest list, party checklist, and various stationery items. The games included in the program are designed to be printed out on paper for kids to play, and are all fun - although they are more arcade-style than educational. Kids can print out a color-the-tail game and a nice little maze game, among other things. All in all, a comprehensive little party kit that predates Kid Pix and similar programs by a few years. Recommended if you have Alf fans in your house, although the 4-color CGA palette may turn them off (not to mention incompatibility with modern printers).
Full Demo 144kb (uploaded by scaryfun)

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