Suds Skins 1 & 2 Bulma Produktions 2002

This is an adult adventure game made in QBasic. It's about Johnny's return to Soho Hotel to meet the people he knew on Parts I and Interlude I. It all goes good, but Johnny gets involved in a mystery. On a warm summer day, Agatha and Johnny went off to the beach to relax. Much to Agatha's surprise, Johnny announces that he had won a free stay at the Soho Hotel. Johnny had worked in the hotel before; hoping to meet some old friends and relax a little during the weekend. As soon as Agatha and Johnny were done cooling off, Johnny packed up to the Soho Hotel, where he would in fact meet some old freinds. But it had become apparent that some new women have been waiting for Johnny to arrive as well...
Free Game 3.7MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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