Residual Orangepixel 2021

Release Date: TBA You crashed your space-ship on an unknown planet … not a smart move. Can you survive the planet, and find a way off?.. perhaps by using the residual technology left behind an ancient advanced race? This is a survival platformer, with crafting, light puzzling, and exploration. An adventure game free of guns, weapons and violence. It throws you onto a procedurally generated planet, with no humanoid lifeforms. Your task? Survive - Explore caves, scavenge, craft, fish, pluck, chop, climb, jump, push, pull, solve puzzles, and survive. Stumble into the remnants of an ancient (technology) civilization and see if you can dig up the residual technology and possibly fix your space ship and escape the planet. YOU vs NATURE. The game is built on Orangepixel's new Nature engine, where the whole planet is procedurally generated based on nature-rules. Sunlight, heat or coldness, vegetation or sand, darkness or brightness it will all dictate what type of life lives on the planet, how it survives on the planet, and the resources available to hopefully escape the planet. You might find yourself on a lush green planet in one game session, but on a dry, hot barren world the next. Or perhaps an ice-cold planet where keeping some fire going will be the main focus of survival. The game will always hand you the tools to survive and escape, but the placement, the shape, and the usage of those tools will vary vastly from game to game.
Standalone Level Demo v004 61MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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