Cork, The Parlor Interactive 2021

Release Date: TBA This is a 2D Action-RPG set in a world that draws inspiration from classic Metroidvania platformers (with a heavy emphasis on vania) and the deliberate, challenging combat of Souls-likes. Players take on the role of Salem Cairnwright, who after several months abroad finds his home devastated by a mysterious plague - its villagers erratic and hostile. The landscape beyond the village has changed, revealing an impossibly high wall towering above the forest. Finding a path into the forgotten kingdom beyond the wall, you strike out to learn the truth behind its sudden appearance, mysterious fall and to uncover the source of the illness plaguing your small village. Features: Beautifully animated pixel art that provides a sense of scale and breathes life into the kingdom beyond the wall; A massive non-linear world to explore with new discoveries and challenges around every corner; Fair and challenging combat that requires calculation as much as might; Encounter allies along the way, accept side quests and be rewarded; Upgrade your capabilities by equipping new weapons, armor and accessories; Available on Windows, Mac and Linux.
Level Demo v0.1.3.2 31MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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