Whiskey Mafia: Leo's Family FastGame 2020

1920 year. New York. City of high hopes and broken dreams, friends and traitors. Can a humble guy Christopher, the son of a port worker, make his American dream come true? Magnificent gangster story - Inspired by the best mafia dramas, we created an amazing “movie” with convincing characters and a real mafia spirit.In the game you will find numerous links to real characters and events. This is not just a game, it is a whole story. Playing it, you can take the role of a real gangster. You will do a lot of crook business from car theft to robbery of spirits warehouse. In the game you will meet both true friends and vile traitors. Dive into another world - Detailed locations in PixelArt; Pleasant atmosphere of the 1920s; Original soundtrack. Features: More than 10 game locations; Various mini-games; Achievements; Non-linear plot; Whiskey.Mafia.Jazz.
Download: None currently available

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